Visitor management system for restaurants

Easy to use and GDPR compliant solution that allows you to keep track of your restaurant visitors

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How it works

Seamless check-in

Your visitors check your COVID-19 and GDPR notifications, complete their details and ta-da, registration is complete. Your customers are now ready to enjoy a great meal.

Share your safety instructions

Ensure your visitors are aware of the safety instructions and recommendations your restaurant has related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take care of data privacy

With the GDPR document display and sensitive data deletion process, you can take care of the privacy of your visitors.

Track your visitors in real time

You have real-time access about who's in and who's out of your restaurant.

Multi-language display

Visidot allows your visitors to select the language they feel more comfortable with when they register to your restaurant.

Customize the interface

Add your logo and brand color to the application interface and create a custom branding experience for your visitors.

Get Visidot for Restaurants today

You can now say goodbye to paper logs and become GDPR compliant. PLUS, you get 14 days free trial.


RON 32
/ location
  • Access to all functionalities
  • Technical support
  • Branded experience


RON 384
RON 308
/ location
  • Access to all functionalities
  • Technical support
  • Branded experience

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