How To Use

Hello! Welcome to Visidot for Restaurants! We are glad to see that you want to say goodbye to paper logs and to become GDPR compliant.

To start using Visidot Restaurants, please follow the next steps.

1. Log in: 

2. Go to the side menu and select Manage Restaurants 

3. From there, please add the following:

  • Add at least one restaurant and 1 Entrance (for example: Restaurant Name: McDonald’s; Entrance: Manastur street)
  • Upload your restaurant logo (*this will apply for all the entrances and restaurants you’ve added to your account)
  • Select your brand color (*this will apply to the buttons from the visitor interface)
  • Add your GDPR policy (*you have to add the document in any language you plan to make available for your customers)

5. Go to My Profile and from Add New Users add a tablet user following the naming: 

6. Go to Google Play Store and download the app 

7. Log in to the app with the tablet user you have created at step 4 

8. You’re done!

What else can you do from your Administrative interface?


  • Check the number of people that checked in and checked out
  • Download the statistics 

Visitor Management 

  • Check all your visitors and their details 
  • Filter the information based on date and time of entrance 
  • Download the list of information 

My profile:

  • Change your password 
  • Create other users

Type of users:

  • Admin users – are the ones that have full rights; available for the one that creates the initial account 
  • Admin editor – has access to dashboard and visitors management table 
  • Tablet user – the account used for accessing the app on the tablet 

Tablet app

It’s the app that your clients will use. 

It also has a micro admin from where you can set the location that the tablet is collecting data for and the languages available.