FUNCTIONALITIES • Real time report

Check, at any time, who is in your building.

Generate reports, check visitors, and analyze statistics.

Generate reports with a single click.

You can, at any time, download the stats that you need. Select your location and the info you want, and your report is done in under 4 seconds.

See, in real-time,
the number of visitors.

Top 5 most visited persons
Top 5 purpose of the visit
Top 5 frequent visitors

*If you have a business center you can
see the top of most visited companies

Check out personalized information.

Who is in the building
Who checked out
How many notifications have been sent

Access information
based on the period.

Day • Week • Month • Year

Filter the information that you need.

Day, hour, name of the visitor, company he/she is coming from, host person, checked in hour, checked out.

Check out the busiest hours.

You can check graphics that illustrate the busiest and less crowded hours.

See data based on location.

Select the location and your report is done under 4 seconds.

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