How we developed Visidot

Like any other story ours also started with a villain we were trying to fight with: bureaucracy.

Same as over 90% companies in Romania, RebelDot (the mother company of Visidot) had a lot of paper logs with their visitors data on. A completely inefficient process and inappropriate for an IT company.

A company’s digitalization shouldn’t be a hustle – this was the thought that was the fuel behind our energy to build an easy to use solution.

Having this in mind we’ve started to work on a fast and easy to implement solution that lately became Visidot. Although we initially built it for internal use only, we start receiving requests from other entrepreneurs that saw it at your receptions and wanted Visidot for their businesses as well.

This is how Visidot became a product available for everybody that wants to start their digitalization process.


Our mission is to help SMBs to put in place a hustle free digital process.

Visidot – a RebelDot company

Who is RebelDot?

We are passionate rebels in thinking and rigorous in execution.

Our mission is to create value through technology within honest partnerships. We have the vision of building a thriving society based on fair relations.



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Tudor Armand Ciuleanu

CEO Rebeldot
Founder and Investor at Visidot

Petruța Țuligă

Product Manager

Levente Gaboș


Cristian Călugăr

Senior Developer

Claudiu Dumitraș

Quality Assurance

Gabriel Apavloaie

Marketing Specialist

Visidot, Romanian digital visitor management system for restaurants and office buildings

Visidot is a digital registry service, through which restaurants can have a digital order of all customers who cross their threshold. But not only that... Read more

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